About Us

Small team, with a huge mission.

Small company; huge mission.

Welcome! We’re an agile team of customer service and call answering experts. Equipping your business with the best voice possible is our main goal and mission.

Taravox (and all our call answering staff) is based in North America. We’ve helped hundreds of business owners, marketing agencies, and elite firms manage their incoming calls, appointment scheduling, lead qualification, outbound callbacks, and more.

Our call answering company was purposely built with a culture of high expectations, high accountability, and technological savvy. Each call, email, or text that we handle for our clients Is the most important contact of the day

We pride ourselves on being able to make a concrete difference in the lives of our very busy clients, and strive to maintain our favourable customer ratings. You can trust us with your calls.

255 k+
Calls accepted yearly
100 's
Hours saved by our clients
5 star
Customer ratings

We exist to help businesses run and grow.

The hard, boring work that happens behind the scenes is the biggest factor that determines if a business thrives. This kind of work rarely receives accolades, and only gets talked about when it is not done right. 

Answering the phone is that kind of work. It is routine and standard, yet absolutely essential. When a call is answered with enthusiasm and gusto, it reminds us that greatness begins with doing basic things in a brilliant way.

Trust us to perform this work. We happily dwell in the rapid world of incoming calls, customer data, and granular details. To steadily grow your business, satisfy customers, and maintain your peace of mind, let an expert handle the hassle.