Call Answering Services

Get a friendly voice to answer the phones; focus on your business and free up more time. Our call answering service provides a trained virtual receptionist that is familiar with your business, accountable and responsive, at a great rate.

Never miss another opportunity.

The Taravox call answering service can take any call, any time. Our call answering team is ready to handle your incoming calls. The team is North American based, and answers like one of your staff would, with custom greetings, department extensions, and more.

We’ll help you take any amount of calls, on a daily basis, full time or part time. Our average client saves themselves around ten hours worth of work, once we start taking their incoming calls.

Our team call answering can provide trained virtual receptionists that are great at:

People still want to talk to people, and answering the phone whenever a prospective client calls is a sign of competence and trustworthiness. Typically, hiring a full time receptionist for your business would require you to interview, hire, train, and manage. In addition, costs can be high as well. Our solution is simple: we will provide you a virtual receptionist, that is trained on your business needs and information, and focused on taking calls, and even responding to emails, doing customer bookings and follow ups, and more.

Tips for choosing a call answering service

Choosing a call answering service is a balancing act that requires you to consider a few of the finer points of B2B dealmaking. If it is your first time choosing a call answering service, here are some of the things to consider to help you make a good choice.

  1. Pricing structure: Most call answering services follow one of the following pricing methods. In the first method, all features are available on all plans, with the cost increasing as you use more minutes over your billing cycle. In the second method, specific features are excluded from lower tier plans, and become gradually “unlocked” as your usage and monthly costs increase. Because of this, it is important to focus additionally on features, and not just price. Does the lowest tier plan actually contain the features you need? Every business using a call answering service experiences cost savings, and prices tend to move in lockstep amongst providers. The differentiating features that make price more of a factor are less about the total cost, and more about ensuring that even if you choose a lower tier plan to save money, you will still receive all the same features that you need.
  2. Training and management: Nothing is worse than a poorly run call center. When you choose a call answering service do whatever you can to ensure that they have modern training and management practices in place. Training and management of a call answering service agent is essential, and for the most part, it shouldn’t be your responsibility. A call answering service is supposed to gather information from you at the beginning of your relationship, so that they can learn your business. The better they know your business, the better they can train your call answering team to speak directly to the needs of your customers. Ask your call answering service salesperson about how they train, how will they gather information from you to train on agent? What is their process for updating their files and training materials, and alerting agents if something changes with your business? Will they create any SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to help their agents truly understand your business and customers needs? What processes do they have in place to ensure that your business has agent coverage at all times, regardless of illness or vacation. These are the key questions you need to be asking.
  3. Metrics and data: Does your call answering provider provide metrics and updates? This will be more important to enterprise clients who have large communications budget, and need to demonstrate, at scale, that customers are being well served. This could include information such as average handle time, percentage of missed calls, average call length, and so on. If you are spending les than $10,000 a month on call answering services, you likely do not need to be concerned about this granular data. However, once your spend exceeds that amount, you’ll want to start to consider choosing a call answering provider that can cater to your need for performance data. It’s a bonus if your provider can supply you with this information in real time; large organizations often require it for accountability and decision making.

Ideally, you’d be able to answer the phone every single time it rings, on the first ring. Most responsible business owners love the idea of the personal touch. But in reality, business moves at the speed of life. There are a few hundred other important things that need your attention. Sometimes this even means you end up missing a call.

That’s exactly where Taravox comes in.

When you trust us to answer the phone, you unlock a world of possibility, and more free time. We’ll take great care of your new and existing customers, treating them like our own.

In turn, this means that you have more time to focus on high value tasks. Instead of putting out fires, you are more focused on working “on” your business, instead of “in” it. Think of us as a dependable extension of your very own team.

Ready to step things up with live call answering for your business?

Contact us using this form, or give us a call. We’ll quickly learn about your business call answering needs, and get you set up with the right virtual receptionist for your scenario.

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We exist to help businesses run and grow.

The hard, boring work that happens behind the scenes is the biggest factor that determines if a business thrives. This kind of work rarely receives accolades, and only gets talked about when it is not done right. 

Answering the phone is that kind of work. It is routine and standard, yet absolutely essential. When a call is answered with enthusiasm and gusto, it reminds us that greatness begins with doing basic things in a brilliant way.

Trust us to perform this work. We happily dwell in the rapid world of incoming calls, customer data, and granular details. To steadily grow your business, satisfy customers, and maintain your peace of mind, let an expert handle the hassle.