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Incoming call answering

Never take a phone call again (unless you want to). We’ll take, sort, vet and resolve all incoming calls.

Outbound calls

We’ll make your reminder calls, bookings, follow ups, and check in calls. Data gathering and updates too.

Appointment scheduling

We’ll update your calendar with new appointments, and make sure your bookings are all conveniently lined up.

Call forwarding/ screening

We’ll handle all your incoming calls, according to your specific requirements. You decide what comes through.

SMS and website messages

Follow up and response to all text messages and website visitor messages. Never miss a message.

Call notes and summaries

Always know what was discussed. We’ll provide a summary and key notes from each call. Stay in the loop.

Administrative support

We’ll learn about your business processes, and provide a trained virtual assistant to complete them.

Email communications

We’ll monitor your inbox, and handle mail as per your requirements. We write emails, follow up with leads, and more.

Lead generation

Get a trained team of lead generators working for your firm. Our metrics driven lead gen team is at your service.

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Business professionals consistently rate our virtual receptionist service as one of the main factors that drive productivity and enable them to do more in the same amount of time. We’re experts at learning about your businesses needs, and delivering highly rated personalized phone answering services. 

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