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Think of a virtual receptionist as a cross between a traditional answering service, and an in house receptionist. We are experts that work strictly with business owners and organizations. As a result, we are able to take calls, update your schedule, book appointments, qualify incoming client leads, and much more!

This results in time and money savings. Our average clients save 10 – 20 hours of work a month, once they are no longer answering phones. Other clients save on wages, to the tune of 70% plus.

Think of us as your front line telephone support. While you focus on delivering quality products and services, we handle all the phone calls that come in, ensuring that you have free time for yourself, and time to develop your business.

Of course; all our plans are designed to give you to the ideal level of support. In any given month, you’ll be able to change your plan to accommodate your expected amount of incoming calls.

You can send as little or as much calls as you need to us. We’ll show you how to forward your calls to us when you need to, and unforward you calls when you want to. The flexibility is yours!

We’ve got you covered. You can forward your existing numbers to us. Alternately, we can provide a fresh new number for you, from pretty much any area code in North America. Finally, you can also consider posting your existing phone number to Taravox. Either way. we’ll answer every call so you can focus on growing your business.

Absolutely! When we set up your account, you’ll be able to decide if, when, and how calls are transferred to you. You can have calls transferred “warm” (meaning that we will get you on the line, introduce the caller, and connect you both), or “cold” (meaning that we send the client straight through to you, without coming online to do an introduction).

We can use any combination of cold and warm transfers you want, for a call answering experience that compliments how you run your practice.

Account questions:

Visit our pricing page to learn more about the structure and cost of our plans.

All our virtual receptionist plans are month no month (no contract required, ever). They are designed to scale up (and down) with your behavioral health practice.

Our virtual receptionist teams are based in North America. In addition, we also have nearshore staff that are trained to the same high standards. In addition, we are also HIPAA (for USA practices) and PIPEDA (for Canadians) compliant.

Our virtual receptionist team can provide coverage from 8 AM to 9 PM, Eastern time. This provides coverage for most mental health client needs.

If you need coverage outside of our regular hours, contact us to make arrangements.

Between 3 – 5 virtual receptionists will be assigned to your account. They will all be trained in the important details they are required to know to answer your clients incoming calls.

We’d be happy to discuss a custom plan with you. Reach out to us to discuss in more detail.

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The full FAQ page will provide more information on our call answering services, and the various ways our virtual receptionists will be able to help your business.

We help you handle any need related to business communications. Incoming calls, appointment booking, lead qualification, and more!