Streamline your business, with live call answering.

Taravox is the quickest way to access a virtual receptionist or virtual assistant to help with your business. You’ll save money, and work from anywhere.

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Streamline your business with live call answering.

Taravox is the quickest way to access a virtual receptionist or virtual assistant to help with your business. You’ll save money, and work from anywhere.

Try us out for 7 days, absolutely free:

Answering the phone is busywork.

Work on your business, instead of in your business.

Don’t lose focus on your core business. You need reliable help to handle routine tasks, so that you can focus on the more important parts of your company.

Taravox makes it simple to hire a virtual receptionist to take your business calls. You don’t need to hire, interview, or on-board. All of that is managed in house, on your behalf.

Taravox provides the training, management, and quality control for each virtual assistant, so that they continually remain on track, producing results for your business.

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How a virtual receptionist works

When you have live call answering for your business, you can be more productive. It enables you to work uninterrupted, and get more done.  All while knowing that customers are being taken care of, appointments are being booked, and it’s business as usual.

It’s easy to set up:

1. Get onboarded

Once you sign up, you'll be assigned a phone number. We'll work with you to quickly learn about your business, and determine how your client enquiries will be handled.

2. Forward your calls

Your service officially starts when you forward your calls to us. We'll assign and train a receptionist team to handle the incoming calls and any other tasks you need help with.

3. We start answering

We'll start answering your calls, and providing follow up, appointment scheduling, and more, based on your customized requirements. Voila! You are all set.

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We work tirelessly to make sure our clients phone answering needs are met, without excuses. Here’s what they have to say about our virtual receptionist and virtual assistant services.


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Experience the benefits of a

virtual receptionist & virtual assistant:

Stop missing new business

You'll close more deals when you have an extra set of hands to answer phones while you work.

Show your professionalism

Crisp, lively greetings, every time we answer. Set yourself apart from the competition with a friendly voice.​

Your trained receptionist team

You'll get a dedicated team of receptionists that have been trained to fully understand your business

Appointments? Booked.​

More than just answering calls; we do bookings, intake, scheduling, lead qualification, and more.​

A friendly familiar voice​

Dedicated agents mean that your clients come to know and expect familiar customized service.​

Work flexibly

You can work wherever and however you need. Leave calls, scheduling, bookings, email, and all else to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Think of a virtual receptionist as a cross between a traditional answering service, and an in house receptionist. A virtual receptionist quickly learns about your business, and is able to take your calls, update your schedule, book appointments, qualify leads, and much more!

Think of a virtual receptionist as front line telephone support. While you focus on closing deals and delivering quality service, we handle all the phone calls and contacts that come in, ensuring that you have free time to grow your business.

In addition, your virtual receptionist can respond to emails, website chats, booking requests, and even text messages that come in from your clients. We are experts, and can help you build a call procedure that maps out exactly what your receptionist should know and do. Finally, we provide daily live monitoring and continuous training to make sure each receptionist represents your brand (and ours) well.

Every business has small but essential admin tasks that need to be completed. Your virtual assistant is trained to complete these tasks, on behalf of your business.

These can include invoicing, collecting, sending reminders, following up with suppliers, sending emails, and responding to client enquiries are some of the most common. These types of tasks are not essential to the core of your main service, but they still need to be done.That’s where your virtual assistant comes in.

They’ll do all the  tasks that you need to be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. this could be responding to quotes, qualifying leads, booking follow up sessions, Stripe invoicing, or any other task. In the meantime, you can focus on delivering your core service, knowing that every thing else is being done. We monitor, train, and audit your assistants ever so often, so you always get peak performance.

Of course; all out plans are designed to give you to the ideal level of support. In any given month, you’ll be able to tailor your plan to accommodate your expected amount of incoming calls.

You can send as little or as much calls as you need to us. We’ll show you how to forward your calls to us when you need to, and unforward you calls when you want to. The flexibility is yours!

When it comes to business phone numbers, we’ve got you covered. You can forward your existing numbers to us. Alternately, we can provide a fresh new number for you. Finally, you can also consider posting your existing phone number to Taravox. Either way. we’ll answer every call so you can focus on growing your business.

Absolutely! When we set up your account, you’ll be able to decide if and how calls are transferred to you. You can have calls transferred “warm” (meaning that we will get you on the line, introduce the caller, and connect you both), or “cold” (meaning that we send the caller straight through to you, without coming online to do an introduction).

We can use any combination of cold and warm transfers you want, for a call answering experience that compliments how you run your business.

Yes, at no extra cost, we can get access to your calendar, and ensure that new clients, important appointments, and more, are always kept updated in your calendar.

Most of our clients say that waking up to well organized appointment calendar has simplified their business and supercharged their productivity!

All of our valued staff are:

Natural English speakers, with advanced, native command of the language

Every staff member has been screened to ensure that they have high levels of English language proficiency. All are native speakers that will represent your business properly (and also play well with the rest of your team!). If your business requires French or Spanish speakers, we can also easily accommodate those needs as well.

College/ university educated

At minimum, most of our staff hold at least a Bachelors degree in a relevant discipline. Degree areas range from Business, Accounting, Communications, and several in the hard sciences as well! Staff with advanced specialized degrees are also available as per your business needs.

Experienced and Resourceful

We've worked with companies in healthcare, ecommerce, business consulting, therapy, computer sciences, retail, skilled trades, churches, and much more! Our staff have years of experience solving business problems and working directly as the first point of customer contact; you're tapping into a seasoned team.

Able to work independently

While we take care of monitoring staff to ensure daily productivity, all of our staff are competent and comfortable working independently, taking initiative, and moving your business goals forward. They are self sufficient and so do not require that your provide equipment or supports; everything from high quality internet access to the appropriate hardware is already present.

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Discover the virtual receptionist advantage

Business owners consistently rate our virtual receptionist service as one of the main factors that drive productivity and enable them to do more. We’re experts at learning about your business needs, and delivering consistently highly rated phone answering services. 

As always, our service is backed by a full satisfaction promise. There are no contracts, and your first 7 days are backed by a no questions asked, money back guarantee.